Why is My Roof Leaking

Water Coming Down the Walls of the House

If something like water starts to leak out from your walls or even just a trickle, this soon becomes a predicament. Water coming out from the walls of your house would mean a lot of things. There are a number of reasons why there are leaks that develop and seep out through your walls. This results in dampening of the wall, ruining the wallpaper or the paint of your walls entirely. This also brings a lot of water in the room which is a bother to clean up. It also wastes a lot of water since there may be a problem in your plumbing and the water supply around your house may be affected as well. But what are the reasons why water is starting to come out from your walls?

Damaged Plumbing

When events like storms hit, there are cases when your plumbing can be damaged to the point that water escapes from it. Pipes are often bent or broken which leads to the escape of water and later leads to leaking through your walls. This is especially true if you have pipes running along the walls of your house. A common occurrence is in the kitchen or rooms adjacent to your bathrooms since the pipes converge in that direction. Rodents can also cause damage to the pipes by running across them, causing them to break off, because of their weight. They can also nibble on the corners or joints of the pipes, severely weakening them and eventually leading to seeping out of water.

Leaking Pipes

The pipes in your house may be leaking due to a number of reasons. One of which is the aging of your plumbing. As years go by, we can’t help it if the pipes get weak and weary, especially around the corners and the intersections where they’re the weakest. Hiring a professional to deal with this is usually the answer but you can also conduct your own assessment by following where the water comes from and upon locating the cause of the draining, you can then perform a quick fix on the pipes.


It’s not always the case when water starts leaking from your walls; the originating cause isn’t located within the walls. Sometimes, water can seep through from other places like your ceiling which may lead to leaking from the walls. In any type of home, water will seep through any kind of damage and can lead to your walls leaking.

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